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Biography of Emmanuel BONDE

ministre bondeA former Seminarian at St Therese of  Mvolye in Yaounde, he is a holder of a Baccalaureat in Philsophy and Letters obtained from confessional education, and his desire was to specialize in the teaching profession.This helped him enroll into the Higher Teachers Training College of Cameroon,  graduating as a teacher, with his first posting to Maroua in the Far North Region of Cameroon in 1975, before being appointed a year later as Attaché to the cabinet of the President the Economic and Social Council.

In 1978, he was appointed as Attaché at the Presidency of the Republic, and later appointed as Officer in charge of Special Duties in1982. It is in this position that he gathered a lot of experience which enabled him to serve efficiently as Secretary General of the Ministry of Public Health for 10 years counting from 1989 and later at the Ministry of Technical and Scientific Research.

As he kept moving steadily to higher positions, he was appointed as Secretary of State in charge of Roads at the Ministry of Public Works in 1997 and later as Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reform in 2006.

Following the reelection of President Biya in 2011, he was appointed Minister of Mines, Industry and Technological Development, duties that he has been discharging rather satisfactorily as testified by the rapid development of mining projects in the country.


The Private Secretary to the Minister of Mines:

Lucie Edou Meva'a Lucie-Edou-Mevaa assit CAB-MINMIDT

Telehone: 22 22 43 52

Fax: 22 22 27 04

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